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• 2016-11-24
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   Atten 8502b - два в одном
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Atten 8502b - два в одном:

Двухканальная ремонтная станция, состоящая из блоков управления монтажным паяльником и термоинструментом нагрева горячего воздуха.

  • Рабочий инструмент станции перекрывает большинство работ по специфической работе по плавлению припоя.

  • Возможность работы блоков управления независимо друг от друга.

  • В каждом блоке управления реализована обратная связь по температуре.

  • Совмещение контактного и бесконтактного метода нагрева при пайке оплавлением припоя.

  • Термостойкий шнур питания паяльника.

  • Классический принцип нагрева с выделением тепла на паяльную насадку от нагревательного элемента.

  • Антистатическая защита (ESD).

1.AT8502b это комбинированная система, состоящая из: станция для бесконтактной пайки и станция для контактной пайки.
2.Антистатическое исполнение станции - защищает Ваше оборудование от статического и электрического повреждения.
3. Датчик замкнутой цепи, мгновенный нагрев до  стабильной и точной температуры для выпайки полностью термочувствительных компонентов корпусах  SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA и так далее.
4.Точная система охлаждения, охлаждает и  после выключения питания и отсек питания при температуре менее 100 ° C.
5. Оригинальный нагревательный элемент с  увеличенным службы
6.Воздушная помпа  с  низким потреблением  тока и низким уровнем шума .
Технические характеристики
Входное напряжение: 110/220В переменного тока.
Потребляемая мощность: 550 Вт (макс.)
Воздушный насос: мембранный
Объем: 23L/min (макс.)
Утечки  по напряжению: <0.5mV
Температурный диапазон сопла: 100 ~ 480 ° C
Температурный диапазон железным наконечником: 200 ~ 480 ° C
Габаритные размеры: 245 × 187 × 150 (Д × Ш × В) мм

1.Before operation, select the nozzle that matched the size of IC and attach it.
2.Plug the power cord into power supply, turn on the General POWER.
3.Turn the SMD Rework power switch on. Heating Element begin to warm up.
4.Adjust the Air Flow and Temperature control knobs, waiting for the temperature to stabilize for a short period of time.
5.The nozzle is located directly over, but not touching the IC. and allow the hot air to melt the solder. Be care not to touch the leads of the IC with the nozzle.
6.Once the solder has melted, remove the IC by lifting the plier.
7.Turn the SMD Rework power switch off, an automatic blowing function begins sending cool air throught the pipe in order to cool both the heating element and the handle. So do not turn the General POWER off during this cooling process. About one minute later, it will turn off automatically.
8.Soldering Apply the proper quantity of solder paste and install the SMD on the PCB. Preheat SMD, then heat the lead frame evenly. When soldering is completed, wash away the flux.
1. Steps
Set the temperature control knob to 200.
Connect the iron to the control station.
Plug the power cord into power supply.
Turn on the switch.
Set the temperature control knob to the
2. Care and Use of Tip
Tip Temperature
High soldering temperatures can degrade the tip. Use the lowest possible soldering temperature. The excellent thermal recovery characteristics ensure efficient and effective soldering even at low temperatures.This also protects the soldered items from  thermal damage.
Clean the tip regularly with a cleaning sponge, as oxides and carbides from the solder and flux can form impurities on the tip.These impurities can result in defective joints or reduce the tip's heat conductivity.When using the soldering iron continuously, be sure to loosen the tip and remove all oxides at least once a week.This helps prevent seizure and reduction of the
tip temperature.
When Not in Use
Never leave the soldering iron sitting at high temperature for long periods of time, as the tip's solder plating will become covered with oxide, which can greatly reduce the tip's heat conductivity.
After Use
Wipe the tip clean and coat the tip with fresh solder. This helps prevent tip oxidation.
3. Maintenance
Inspect and Clean the tip
Set the temperature to 250(482) When the temperature stabilizes, clean the tip With the cleaning sponge and check the condition of the tip.
If there is black oxide on the solder-plated portion of the tip, apply new solder (containing flux) and wipe the tip on the cleaning sponge. Repeat until the oxide is completely removed. Coat with new solder.
If the tip is deformed or heavily eroded, replace it with a new one.
4. Calibrating the Iron Temperature
The soldering iron should be recalibrated after changing the iron, or replacing the heating element or tip.
Use screwdriver to calibrate the little hole CAL on the panel by users.
Since mishandling may lead to burns or fire. Be sure to comply with the following precautions.
1.Do not use the unit near ignitable gases, paper, or other inflammable materials. The nozzle, heated air and iron tip are extremely hot and can cause painful burns Never touch the heater pipe and Metallic parts near the iron tip, or allow the heated air to blow against your skin.
2.Initially, the iron may emit white smoke, but this will soon disappear. It is a normal phenomenon.
3.Advise other people in the work area that the unit canreach a very high temperature and should be considered Potentially dangerous. So turn the power off while taking breaks and when finished using the unit.
4.Never drop or sharply jolt the unit.The pipe contains quartz glass which can break if the unit is dropped or jolted sharply.
5.Do not wet the unit or use the unit when your hands are wet..
6.Use only genuine ATTEN replacement parts.
7.Disconnect the plug when you don't use the unit for a long time.
8.Do not disassemble the unit.


Гарантийный срок  - 6 мес.
Наличие:  есть в наличии  .

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