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• 2016-11-24
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   Паяльная станция ATTEN AT969D
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Паяльная станция ATTEN AT969D

Product characteristics of AT969D

Stainless steel heating element, temperature probe and soldering tip in close contact. Temperature sensitive, back to the temperature rapidly, extending the life of heating element.
Split design of heating element and soldering iron, Soldering tip is compatible international brand, cost-saving and easy to replace.
27V low-voltage output and stable impedance grounding, to the absolute protection of sensitive components and the safety of the user.
LED digital display, the knob adjustment of input data, visual display, fast and easy to use.
Intelligent digital control and precise temperature control for stability.
Intelligent temperature card management, to prevent accidental temperature change by operator.
The digital temperature calibrations, accurate calibration.
Automatic sleep function to save energy, 20 minutes of non operation, automatically enters sleep function. After 40minutes, automatically cut off power supply. Upon wake up

Technical Specifications
Input Voltage: 220V ±10% 50Hz
Output voltage: 24V AC
Temperature range: 150~450°C
Temperature lock method: card (AT969D)
Power consumption: 60W
Leak resistance of soldering tip : < 2 Ohm
Leak voltage of soldering tip: <5mV
Dimension of iron tip: AT-900M

Part List

ATTEN 969 handles


Iron holder


Clean sponge




Heating element

Stainless steel,2 cores,60W

RF Microwave Instruments
RF Microwave Components
Spectrum Analyzers.Regulated DC Power Supply
Switching DC Power Supply.Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Signal Generator.Attenuator.Amplifier.850 Rework Station
936 Constant Temp Soldering Station
Electronic Instruments.Electronic Tools

In this instruction manual, “WARNING”and“CAUTION”are defined as follows.

Before use this unit, make sure comply with the following measures, against risk of electric shock or give rise to fire.
In order to ensure body safe, must use the components or accessories that recommended by original factory, otherwise it may cause serious consequences.
It should be maintained by qualified electric technician or service personnel specified by original factory
When the power is on, the tip temperature is between 200
/392 and 480/896.

Since mishandling may lead to burns or fire, be sure to comply with the following precautions.
●Do not touch the metallic parts near the tip.
●Do not use the product near flammable items.
●Advise other people in the work area: the unit can reach a very high temperature and should be considered potentially dangerous.
●Turn the power off while taking breaks and when finished using the unit.
●Before replacing parts or storing the unit, turn the power off and allow the unit to cool down to room temperature.

To prevent damage to the unit and ensure a safe working environment, be sure to comply with the following precautions.
●Do not use the unit for applications other than soldering.
●Do not rap the soldering iron against the workbench to shake off residual solder, or otherwise subject the iron to severe shocks.

Disconnect the power plug before servicing. Failure to do so may result in electric shock..If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarity qualified person in order to avoid personal injury or damage to the unit.

Гарантийный срок  - 6 мес.
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